COVID-19 Related Mortgage Loan Assistance Request


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Mortgage Loan Assistance
Related to COVID-19

If you are having mortgage payment challenges related to the devastating impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Credit Union 1 is offering the opportunity for financial relief.

Our mortgage relief options can help you feel safe at home if your employment or income are effected. If Coronavirus has caused job loss, income reduction, sickness, or other issues that impact your ability to make your monthly mortgage payment, request Mortgage Relief Assistance.

These are unprecedented times caused from the rapidly evolving COVID -19 pandemic, and CU1 is here to help.  

Please complete, sign, and return the entire COVID-19 Mortgage Assistance Application by clicking the Request Assistance button below.  Please be aware the assistance offered through this request process is only for those affected by COVID-19.  As a part of the request for assistance you will be asked to provide information regarding your hardship as well as information regarding your ability to repay and how it has been impacted by COVID-19.

Request Assistance

Click here for instructions on Submitting documents for COVID-19 Mortgage Assistance.

If you are experiencing financial challenges unrelated to COVID-19, please call our Mortgage Servicing Department at 800-252-6950.